Sunday, May 27, 2018

Full Time Job in Pune

Ideally, a job that specifies eight hours of consecutive work profile per day or approximately 40 work hours per week is referred to as Full Time Job in pune. However, there can be slight variations in total number of work hours depending on the type & standard of a company. An employee who has agreed to work on Full-time basis as per his company set standards for the total number of work hours for Full-time is known to be a Full-time Employee of that company.

Legally, it a norm to take a break after 4.5 hours of work and a break of 12 consecutive hours after each 8 hour of work day. Labor law also implies taking at-least 1 day off each week traditionally known as ‘weekly off’. A full time employment opportunity often comes with its unique perks unlike in part-time or freelance employment such as annual leaves, sick-leaves, health insurance etc. and offers better job security and promotional opportunities.

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